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It might not be the right solution.Here is an example from my user.Even if your protocol is listed, dont get too excited.There are several LoadRunner vuser types that are candidates for your test.The, java vuser is part of the template vuser bundle.Dont expect to be able to do anything useful with this virtual user type unless you have a solid Java background.Choose your vuser type wisely).
Further reading Five years ago I wrote an article called Tips for Load Testing corba Applications with LoadRunner.
You may like to use the LoadRunner Protocol Advisor, but I am old-school, so I record the application with the Windows Sockets vuser, or inspect the network traffic with WireShark.
Dont try to do it when you are on a tight deadline.
It is best to talk to an architect (or someone else who is suitably technical but a smart performance tester backs up this conversation by recording the application to see if the architect is correct.
Hooks) for your application, it is even more effort work.Learn more, write a Review, add Photo.The possible vuser types are: Web (http/html java, windows Sockets, citrix, jAVA Record.This vuser type works differently from most other vuser types in that it does not record protocol-level traffic, it records Java method calls and their arguments.On increasingly rare occasions, you might be required to load test an application that has a Java-based client.You can put any Java code you like in these scripts, but there is no ability to record an application.I have created scripts for a few applications using this protocol now, and it is still not one that I would feel comfortable giving pokeball homemade a time estimate for scripting with.I have only scripted one Java application which communicates over jdbc (Syndesis TrueSource but this still took a long time even though the jdbc interface is quite simple.The good news (I guess is that this vuser type will be able to (eventually) record and replay any Java-based application.Jeder Tipp nimmt automatisch mit denselben fünf gespielten Zahlen an der.If you are really lucky, your Java application communicates using http I had a Java Web Start application that just sent soap/XML messages to the server.