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These cannot stagger an enemy by themselves, which is not an attractive ability, but if you equip one with the right accessories on a character with the right full ATB skill it has a non-trivial chance of immediately staggering the enemy on each attack.
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Non Standard Skill Learning : Most skills (including basic Attack) are represented by nodes on the Crystarium.
The Ghost : Eden.
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They are usually easier than stationary enemies because you can get a preemptive attack on them while their back is turned.
Summons can also occasionally break this cap.
"Sony PlayStation 3 Console (320GB Model) with infamous 2 (PS3.The Social Darwinist : Titan's entire reason best casinos in vegas to see for existing is to create new, strong species to inhabit Gran Pulse, and let them wipe out the weak ones, unless he feels like doing it himself in which case he will.Also, during the Highwind move, there's a fair chance.Note On the other hand, considering the power discrepancy between Cocoon-made bioweapons/technology and Pulsian life-forms, it's fairly justified.The game uses a system called the crystarium, which is most similar to the AP system seen in Final Fantasy.The Eidolons are giant mechanical humanoids who can convert into the forms of vehicles or robotic animals in their Gestalt Modes.The target time is over 37 minutes, but this can be considerably reduced if you gain a preemptive strike.

When a fal'Cie feels threatened, however, it can give humans an un-completable "null" Focus, which turns them into Cie'th on the spot, rapidly spawning a veritable zombie army around the fal'Cie.
Respawn on the Spot : The game auto saves before every battle.