Int QMetaObject:propertyOffset const Returns the property offset for this class;.e.
See also indexOfMethod method methodCount and methodOffset.
See also classInfo classInfoOffset and indexOfClassInfo.See also Q_ARG Q_return_ARG qRegisterMetaType and QMetaMethod:invoke.Note that the constructor has to be in normalized form, as returned by normalizedSignature.Static bool QMetaObject:invokeMethod( QObject * obj, const char resultados loto trackid=sp 006 * member, Qt:ConnectionType type, QGenericArgument val0., QGenericArgument val1., QGenericArgument val2., QGenericArgument val3., QGenericArgument val4., QGenericArgument val5., QGenericArgument val6., QGenericArgument val7., QGenericArgument val8., QGenericArgument val9.) This function overloads invokeMethod.The index position of this class's first class information item.Int char * method ) const Finds method and returns its index; otherwise returns -1.How do you intend to use this?Static QByteArray char * method ) Normalizes the signature of the given method.This overload invokes the member using the connection type Qt:AutoConnection and ignores return values.
See for a casino carrasco sofitel description on how Qt normalizes.
Int QMetaObject:methodOffset const Returns the method offset for this class;.e.
Static bool QMetaObject:invokeMethod( QObject * context, Functor function, Qt:ConnectionType type Qt:AutoConnection, FunctorReturnType * ret nullptr) This is an overloaded function.
See also checkConnectArgs and normalizedType.QMetaClassInfo classInfo (int index ) const int classInfoCount const int classInfoOffset const const char * className const, qMetaMethod constructor (int index ) const int constructorCount const, qMetaEnum enumerator (int index ) const int enumeratorCount const int enumeratorOffset const int indexOfClassInfo (const char * name ).See also propertyCount propertyOffset and indexOfProperty.Int const Returns the number of constructors in this class.Bool QMetaObject:inherits(const QMetaObject * metaObject ) const Returns true if the class described by this QMetaObject inherits the type described by metaObject ; otherwise returns false.The return value of the function call is placed in ret.QMetaProperty QMetaObject:userProperty const Returns the property that has the user flag set to true.