Concrete structures a hidden gem: Loot quality: Very High, loot quantity: Low to machine a sous flash 90 Medium, risk: Low.
Expect some resistance and make sure you've got a vehicle to escape the blue if you manage to make it out!
Theres a fantastic route you can do to raid several of these, coupled with some of the above red-brick warehouses, in quick succession: land on the western edge of Los Leones, where youll see a couple of these complexes nestled together.Cities and bases often contain the highest volume of loot but as a result they also attract the most players - this of course increases the odds you'll get taken out early.Pecado - Home to the infamous casino, Pecado is a hive of activity from the get-go.Its a specific type of building that you need to bear in mind here: the pair of concrete structures, one half-finished, without a roof in just a regular rectangular shape, and the other with two floors, one interior staircase and an accessible roof.There's great gear to be had here, it's just a question of whether you can outgun everyone else.
It's one big circular building with a couple of outhouses that attracts tonnes of players each poki lolking match.
To the West of the bridge is a quaint school, and to the East, a beautiful church.
Impala - This is a small but dense area that's fit for bleeding dry.Expect loads of loot, loads of people and loads of fighting.Expect action straight away amongst the tight cluster of buildings.El Pozo, el Pozo is a city known for its large industrial and entertainment districts.Emerge the victor though and you'll feel like a king.Work your way south through them and then across the road to the south again, where there are multiple warehouses and more of these complexes too it gets busy though, so beware, but the loot is often superb!Best loot spots: Erangel, pochinki - A large city located in the center of the map.Basically an alternative to Hacienda, this is another death trap right in the middle of the map with great loot and loads of people in one tiny area.

Developer Bluehole has revealed the new upcoming pubg Miramar desert map, including its key landmarks and towns.