Pokerstars boasts more real money players than their 10 closest competitors and their VIP Club is a major reason for this.
Here is an example.
Please click the links below for a detailed review of each of the 6 Pokerstars VIP statuses in 2014: The changes Poker Stars make to the VIP program in January, 2014 are reflected in each of the reviews linked to above.
They are sometimes called loyalty programs or comp programs.Instead I will add a link to my VIP store guide below.It just figures that when I was just about done writing this 15 page guide Pokerstars would make some changes to the VIP program forcing me to edit everything.With this in mind I have created a huge section about their VIP program with each aspect of the VIP program getting it's own page.Pokerstars recently changed the formula that they use to distribute VPP's at the micro stakes tables.In this example a Goldstar player will receive 33 FPP's for playing in this tournament.Join Pokerstars if you machine sous vide professionnel 2010 do not play here yet and get your chance to win AT least.000 if you are the one to win the 85 billionth hand!There is a "VIP Stellar Rewards" meter built right into the poker client so you can easily see how close you are to the next Stellar Reward.Makes your head spin, doesn't it?Starting in January of 2014 each Milestone will only cost 1 FPP, a big decrease from the 50,000 FPP's they charged last year.
That is just one of the many benefits.
Let's say you are at the Goldstar VIP level.
I have written a guide that includes strategies for earning Poker Stars VPP's and FPP's quickly.
But a 650 deposit will generate an additional 600).2014 Poker Stars Milestone Cash Credits.Obviously, this is just a glimpse at the best poker games you can play almost for free.It is very important that you read this.But over a half of the tournaments planned already have passed.Here is a general guide to how you can earn VPP's and FPP's: Real money ring tables - Pokerstars VPP's are awarded differently depending on several factors including players dealt in the hand, stakes, pot size and rake.The VIP Club at Poker Stars has six tiers or levels.Pokerstars will base the number of VPPs they award players on the sitngo's or tournament's buy-in fee.For winning one hand!Hurry up, there are still great tournaments left!So if you play in a 303 sitngo or tournament Pokerstars will give you.5 VPP's.That's not that hard!Also, online poker bonus code rakedeals will make you eligible to VIP rake back program with equals up to 74 back of what you rake at online poker tables.