A 50-foot-tall Amazon woman named Annabelle attacked the Really Rottens' team of rafters when they got into her casino 2000 st sylvestre territory, claiming that they were polluting her river.
In the episode named The Lonesome Giant, Casper meets a giant with no friends, and introduces him to the forest animals, who are scared at first but eventually learn to like him.
YouTube video of full episode (starting at shrinking scene).
Soon, however, they have to travel to a planet far away to rescue their alien friend.Aoi is then approached by two random schoolgirls whore disgusted by his appearance, so one of them suggests they should just step on him, which she proceeds.Crazes prior to Beanie Babies took years to gain traction, however Beanie Babies were able to become a worldwide phenomenon within months due to the ability of people to create Web pages and share information on the Internet.As the challenge propagated, it tagged various celebrities and people with large numbers of social followers, causing the challenge to grow in a viral manner.It appears to have all been a dream that they both shared but now they have a better understanding of what each other is going through.While not true GTS, the perspective of the crush makes it easy to imagine.Level 0 * Episode 3: The Incredible Shrinking Keith - Danny's unfinished invention throws a spray of sparks on Keith, shrinking him to pint size.The celestial characters used in the game also appear equally small.The Three Stooges run away in panic.YouTube video of full episode starting at GTS scene (relevant part is 22:26-22:53).
Kaio-Ken Forever Back to top HareGuu Level 0 * Illusion 11: Beachpic!
She interferes again in later parts of the story.
J.Turner Back to top Adventure Time Level 0 * Season 2: Mortal Recoil - Part 2 of a two-part episode.
Skull13, hellcatcrimson, and Luminar * Manga: Chapters After Hinoki reveals her desire to be bigger, she literally does that for various periods of time, appearing several feet tall to the eyes of Keima, Elsie, and the other spirit hunters.
When they become trapped within a room, Whisp turns herself into a giantess but before she does anything, she gets defeated by Gigi and fawn.Kaio-Ken Forever Back to top My Friends Tigger Pooh Level 0 * Super Sized Darby - A little girl named Darby accidentally gets some kind of magical plant growth potion on her and becomes a giantess.Cubed Cinder Back to top Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Level 0 * The Treasure Island.When Polly desperately wants to play in it, she and Crissy shrink themselves to small size with the Tinyizer.Gamdann Back to top The Small Giant Level 0 * Entire series - Young Emily travels to the enchanted valley for summer vacation, but as soon as she gets there, she suddenly grows into a roughly 10 ft tall giantess!She eventually finds out that one of the frogs is inside her and might now be in her colon, which she freaks out over.

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However, it does things a little differently than the game.
The GTS scene takes places when Danny and Tucker go to the movies when Paulina looks at a cardboard cut out poster of a Hello Kitty style character and she wishes that she was as cute and popular as the character.