The pick of (something) - the best of a group The members of the Olympic team are the pick of the best athletes in the country.
To land an aircraft or in an aircraft: We put down at Orly after six hours.
Push up daisies - to be dead and buried My uncle has been pushing up daisies for several years now.(a) pushing around (b) playing up to (c) putting a damper on (d) pulling the rug out from under Answer(b) playing up to We were able to (successfully do) the concert.To confuse or perturb; disconcert; repel: We were put off by the book's abusive tone.Play politics - to negotiate politically, to allow politics to control a situation where principle should prevail The government leaders were playing politics with the tax issue.Poke fun at (someone) - to joke about someone, to laugh at someone, to tease someone The woman is always poking fun at the way loto statistiques numeros chance her husband plays golf.Play dumb/ignorant - to pretend to be ignorant about something I played dumb when my boss asked me if I knew anything about the problems with the printer.Point out (someone or something) or point (someone or something) out - to explain or call attention to someone or something My teacher was very kind when she pointed out the mistakes that I had made.
To make (a telephone connection Put a call through to Hong Kong.
Pinch pennies - to be careful with money, to be thrifty My friend is pinching pennies in order to save money for his vacation.
Pitch-black - to be very black It was pitch-black when we left the restaurant to return home.Pick and choose - to choose very carefully from a number of possibilities The company will pick and choose the best people for the new project.Pick on someone your own size - to abuse or bully someone who is big enough to fight back The older boy should pick on someone his own size rather than fighting with the smaller boy.Two times four is eight.Fare il cascamorto vtr (corteggiare) flirt with sb court Faceva il cascamorto con le signore non più giovani, così bisognose di attenzioni.Play the devil's advocate - to argue against something even if you may agree with it I was playing the devil's advocate when I asked my friend about his plan to change jobs.He always kicks up a fuss over eating.Put one's clothes in mothballs - to put something in storage with mothballs The woman plans to put her coat in mothballs for the winter.Play one's cards close to one's chest - to be extremely secretive and cautious about something (to hold playing cards close to your chest so the other players cannot see them) My boss always plays his cards close to his chest when he is negotiating.To turn in a different direction.Path of least resistance - the easiest (but not always the best) way to do something I took the path of least resistance and quit the class rather than try to pass the course.

Fare vtr (raccogliere, accumulare) buy, get Abbiamo fatto benzina al distributore qui vicino.
Play it by ear - to decide to do something according to the situation "Lets play it by ear and decide where to eat after we see the movie." play it cool - to act calm and not concerned I tried to play it cool.