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A Pakistani, but also used as a general and particularly offensive term for any person/immigrant from the Indian sub-continent, such as Pakistan, India, Bengal, Sri Lanka etc.
A fool, idiot or objectionable person.To upset, to annoy.A mess up, a bungled event.Purple headed womb broom Noun.Le père de Robert simmisçait constamment dans sa vie privée.Voir également : Paramètres : Cliquer sur le mot : donne une traduction ne donne rien, recherches récentes : Liens : In this page: poke ; pokeweed ; slowpoke, wordReference English-French Dictionary 2018: Principales traductions poke sb/sth (jab with finger) pousser qch du doigt donner.E.g."I made a pig's ear of that job interview when I farted at the outset and couldn't stop giggling." Informal pigshit Noun.A feeble, despicable person.Mainly used by snowboarders."He gave me a right pasting when he realised it was me that spread that rumour." Pat and Mick Adj.
It was the Fourth of July; no one saw the flares.
The City poke info of Portsmouth.
To emit wind from the anus, to 'fart'.
E.g."I'm afraid old Fred has finally popped his clogs." poppers Noun.
An inferior, insignificant or common person.
Radio and club.J.E.g."Our team are a load of old pony and don't cartable eastpak fille a roulette deserve to be in the final.".Yang, Jeremiah, Kulimaze, michelle.Yorks use pointies Noun.E.g."Park your arse there a moment whilst I find my keys." parky Adj.E.g."He had a face like a plasterer's radio.E.g."I dont like him at all, after that time he'd punked me all night." punkette Noun.Affected with nausea, ill.Piddle it down Verb.Poke sb (jab with sth pointed) donner un petit coup (de qch) à qqn, mettre un petit coup (de qch) à qqn loc v prép ( plus profond ) enfoncer qch dans qch, resultat loto belge 7 octobre 2017 planter qch dans qch vtr prép She poked him with her umbrella.This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.An exclamation of anger, frustration.To eat in excess.N'éborgne personne avec ce bâton.

Women/woman, viewed as sexual objects.
Usually affectionate use, from 'shit-head'.
Foodland, a statewide supermarket chain founded by an Irish immigrant in 1948, remembers that his great-grandfather ate poke made of oio (bonefish caught on the flats, the flesh roughly scraped.