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The details: Pok Pok, 3226 SE Division.
Dinner at Grüner, grüner, on the other hand, was a somewhat unlikelier dining destination.
Sticky rice inside a basket, clipart lotto ticket khao Soi mild curry noodle soup with tofu, garnished with pickled mustard greens, shallots, cilantro, and chili paste.Pieretti behind the bar.Before we knew it, every inch of our cozy corner table was filled with metal dishes and serving bowls."It's drinking food says bar manager.After coming across some excellent reviews and deciding that refined Alpine cuisine might be a fun direction to take, I made a late dinner reservation.This is part of a series of posts about my vacation to Portland, Oregon, in late February 2013.We made a bit of a mess.
Coconut ice cream sandwich on a sweet bun with peanuts, sticky rice, condensed milk, and chocolate syrup.
Still, the smiling out-of-towners snapping iPhone pics from their picnic tables don't seem to mind.
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A peek at the drinks at Whiskey Soda Lounge in Brooklyn.
And the ice cream sandwich coconut-jackfruit ice cream, chocolate, and condensed milk on a glorified hot dog bun was a whimsical way to end the meal.Each component of both the jägerschnitzel entree and the walnut tart dessert married the heartiness of the Old World with the thoughtful, seasonal elegance of a cutting-edge restaurant in Portland.The cha ca la Vong, a Vietnamese catfish and noodle dish, lacked the forceful herbal notes that made the dish, while the shrimp, pork belly and glass noodle clay pot was missing the caramelization that once made me fall in love with.And if you stick to the most popular hits - the famed fish-sauce wings; the spicy papaya salad, made in a mortar and pestle, the sound of which gives bear flag poke bowl the restaurant its name; the fiery boar collar with its cooling mustard greens; the herb-rubbed, lemon-grass-stuffed.Pok Pok doesnt take reservations and is known for long wait times, so we chose to go for late lunch (served 2:305.m.) to avoid the biggest crowds.M (12-20 per entree with chef Andy Ricker opening restaurants in New York City, researching two new cookbooks and, this past winter, chauffeuring CNN star Anthony Bourdain around Thailand, it's fair to ask whether Portlanders should still brave two-hour waits, cramped quarters and relatively high.Michael Pieretti of the menu at the new.Rabbit boudin blanc with sautéed granny smith apples and dijon mustard.

Besides the Pok Pok in Brooklyn, there's still no other place in the world serving this particular collection of (mostly Northern Thai) Southeast Asian street food dishes.
Pretzel roll, bread, and butter, beet-pickled deviled eggs.