Upgrade to Notecaddy premium and get over 174 automated note poker in frankfurt germany types plus the ability to create custom notes.
Notecaddy automatically generates 7 free note types on your player database.NoteCaddy reads hand histories, understands what happens, and takes notes on behaviors that are significant.Games analysis Number of different reports high very high medium Reports depending on fish count and their position regarding hero no no yes Players pool analysis no no yes Action Profit no yes, in NoteCaddy yes Distribution of Action Profit by hand strengths.Alan Jackson Read What the Experts are Saying If you are not using NoteCaddy, you are leaving money on the tables.If you have any remarks contact.But beyond just taking notes on what happened.Popups, popups with statistics yes yes yes.Other Hands with showdowns on each stat are available during the game no yes, in NoteCaddy but limited yes Graphs are displayed right into players popup no no yes Brief hand visualization no no yes Unwatched showdowns indicator on fishes no no yes Replayer full.
Exploit Opponents via Badges, powerful Badges appear when an exploitable situation unfolds, choose from default badges or create your own.
NoteCaddy is fully programmable and the different combinations of notes that can be taken are in the billions.
Performance Import speed low high in HM2, low in NoteCaddy very high Complex popup opening delay medium medium high Replayer opening delay medium medium high System requirements medium medium in HM, high in NoteCaddy medium Database size high high small Hand2Note provides much higher performance.
Complex elements in popups (ranges, hand lists, inner tabs, notes etc) no no yes, hand2Note provides high quality data lotto belge reglement joker visualization.
Ranger, note Caddy Holdem, read More"s Holdem Manager now accepts manual payments from Bitcoin plus these 5 major cryptocurrencies: Ether (ETH monero (XMR).
Card Range Graphs, now see something boring like converted to an easy to read card distribution graph.
Not just any notes, relevant notes based on actual hands not stats.Supported Sites, revolution Poker, pKR Network OnGame Network Boss Media Merge Network Winning Poker Network Read What the Experts are Saying If you are not using NoteCaddy, you are leaving money on the tables.Overall, poker Tracker 4, holdem Manager 2, noteCaddy.Litecoin (LTC dash (dash zCash (ZEC to make a payment using any of these please send an email to with details of the products you wish to purchase for instructions.Notes Text notes yes yes yes Inserting hands into notes no no yes Note templates no no yes Notes on stats no no yes Autonotes yes yes, in NoteCaddy no Hand2Note has the most advanced note taking system on the market.Timing Tells, the x-axis defines strength and the y-axis defines time taken, quickly see if people have timing tells with strong hands.Feature, example, details, automated Notes, automated notes of important tendencies and graphs to indicate the hand strength for that specific tendency.Recommended Notes, also referred to as cyborg notes, it makes it easy to note the opponents line in the hand without having to type it yourself, just click on the cyborg note to add it as your note.NoteCaddy aims to sharpen this edge even further.Even those who do may be taking notes on something that happened one time thousands of hands ago and the player they took the note on may not even typically behave the way the note indicates that they.Any note you can imagine can be taken by NoteCaddy.Hand2Note, hUD yes yes yes, popups yes yes yes, reports yes yes yes, player analysis yes yes yes, statistics customization yes yes, in NoteCaddy yes, hand2Note has all the features required by a professional poker player.

On the "How did you find out about Poker Stars?" section make sure you enter the marketing code holdemsoftware.
Instant Replay, hover over the play button in the notes to see the last 5 hands for that note definition.