high stakes poker season 6 episode 13

Elezra checked and Veldhuis made a continuation bet of loto vie quotidienne 14,500. .
Ruffin hits the nut straight and overbets 50k into a pot of 16k.
Dwan hit the jackpot on a flop of 3-7-9 rainbow, and with sloten rotterdam zuid 38,900 in the pot, Elezra bet 23,300, which Dwan raised to 71,000. .
Veldhuis shook things up right at the beginning by convincing the table to raise the stakes to blinds, with a 300 ante.David Benyamine called with, Phil Galfond raised to 10,500 with K-J, and Dwan called with. .With Veldhuis straddling, Brunson called in the big blind with. .Last seasons recaps went into.Galfond found nothing but trouble on the flop, which came 9-9-K. .Dwan called with, as did Benyamine (K-J Galfond (9-8) and Negreanu ( ). .
Elis mistake was not raising enough pre-flop (to just.2k, but remember were dealing with bigger blinds at the end of a session where many players are eager to get some action).
The next hand I want to talk about was deceivingly very good it took place between Phil Galfond and Lex Veldhuis.
When the river card came, Negreanu bet 28,200. .
Galfond checked, and Veldhuis bet 13,300 into the 20,300 pot. .At this point in the episode, Dwan is clearly on fire; as the straddle, he gets dealt AA and expertly parlays that into gold against ElKY, who unluckily hit just enough of the flop (paired his 6).Brunson, however, looked down at A-K, and re-raised to 55,500. .And so ends perhaps the most entertaining and creative season of High Stakes Poker. .Galfond, Eli Elezra wakes up with KK and re-raises.Clearly Lex had a great read on Brunson (who admittedly looked shocked at the call especially, as Gabe Kaplan says, because Doyle does not usually bluff with absolutely nothing.While Eli made an excellent and very tough laydown, it still cost him a lot of money (150k).

With 154,600 in the pot, another 9 came on the turn. .
Daniel Negreanu called with in the small blind, as did Dwan in the big blind with. .
Going into the last show, Doyle Brunsons streak of 15 straight televised cash game wins was on the line, as was Tom Dwans streak of five straight winning sessions on High Stakes Poker, as both were down for the session. .