The highest court is the parking lot game math Supreme Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland, which consists of the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Crown Court.
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The chief minerals are basalt, limestone, sand and gravel, granite, chalk, clay, and shale; bauxite, iron ore, and coal also are found in small amounts.In recent years some of those elected have chosen not to go to London (usually in order to protest the domestic situation).Manufacturing is a major source of the national product.J." McKay, the protagonist of the TV show.English is the sole official language.
At the same time, however, the threat of terrorism hindered efforts to attract investment and create new jobs in the 1980s.
In general, the economy of Northern Ireland is based on agriculture and manufacturing and is closely tied to that of Great Britain as a whole; almost half of manufacturing output is sold to the rest of Britain; one quarter is sold locally.
Lower courts include county courts with criminal and civil jurisdiction and magistrates' courts for minor offenses.
A 1973 act gave Northern Ireland much local autonomy, while Great Britain retained control over defense, foreign policy, currency, tariffs, and communications.
The prevailing westerly winds from the Gulf Stream are largely responsible for the lack of extreme summer heat and winter cold.
Northern Ireland has an extreme northern to southern extension of about 135 km (about 85 mi) and an extreme eastern to western extension of about 175 km (about 110 mi).The remainder of the population is Irish, principally native to Ulster.The majority of the people are of Scottish or English ancestry and are known commonly as the Scotch-Irish.The chief rivers are the Foyle River, which forms part of the northwestern boundary and flows into Lough Foyle at Londonderry, and the Upper Bann and Lower Bann rivers.The country has two universities: Queen's University of Belfast, founded as Queen's College in 1845, and the University of Ulster (1984 with campuses in Coleraine, Belfast, Jordanstown, and Londonderry.Various agencies have been established to attract new companies and encourage small business, backed by tax and other incentives.The educational system is essentially similar to that of England.Northern Ireland is divided into 26 districts for the purposes of local government.The chief minerals are basalt, sand and gravel, peat, chalk, limestone, and granite.The shoreline is characterized by numerous irregularities and is about 530 km (about 330 mi) long.

Distinctive species of animal life include the pollan, a freshwater variety of whitefish found in Lough Neagh and Lough Erne.