Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( GBA ) Entering the code at the title screen unlocks Very Hard Mode.
Hellboy: The Science of Evil ( PSP ) Pausing the game and entering the code will give the player two grenades of each grenade type.Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 ( Xbox ) While in the credits screen, entering the code in sequence then in reverse unlocks all content.20 Top Gun: The Second Mission ( NES ) To receive three additional planes for every 20,000 points.Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand ( GBA ) In a certain room the player will find a sign with the Konami Code.The Moldy Peaches ' 2001 song Anyone Else but You contains the lyrics "Up up down down left right left right B A start / Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart." 13 The band Deftones referenced the Konami Code in the.
In many titles, the player must press Start after entering the code in order to tam tam poker start a game, or press Select to switch to two-player mode and then start the game, leading to the confusion.
14 better source needed The Motion Sick 's "30 Lives" is specifically about using the code to spend 30 lives with a partner, and it uses the code in the bridge.
Gradius IV Fukkatsu ( PS2, PSP ) Pausing the game and entering the code activates all powerups except loterie 6 49 résultats for Speed Up and Double.
The Konami Code was thus included in the series' other sequels and spin-offs, with some key differences: In the Super NES version of Gradius III, the original code destroys the player's ship.
Gradius for the, nES 9 and was popularized among North American players in the NES version.
Duel Monsters GX: Tag Force 3 ( PSP ) Entering the Konami Code at the card shop will unlock a booster pack with cards based on other Konami games, such as Gradius and Ganbare Goemon.
Operation C ( GB ) Entering the code at the title screen (followed B and A again) will enable the Stage Select mode.The Konami Code, the, konami Code japanese :, Konami komando, "Konami command is a cheat code that appears in many, konami video games, 1 and some non-Konami games.The mistake was discovered after the release, but developers decided to leave it there, as removing it could result in new bugs and glitches.Some Sony devices with built-in Netflix applications use a variation of the code ( ) to let users log out of Netflix.Zone of the Enders ( PS2 ) Entering the Konami Code backwards on the title screen unlocks the multiplayer Versus mode with all frames and stages available.Les palettes du poussoir sont alignées de manière à pouvoir pousser les crans des disques.26 Rocket League ( 360, PlayStation Network, Steam ) Entering the code at the main menu will replace your Rocket League menu screen with a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars menu.