There are various ways you can do this.
The upshot of this is that Snapchat becomes a place where teenagers feel more able to be themselves.FB Purity Contact Form How can I find out what version of FB Purity I am using?(one of the first steps in the Troubleshooting guide is to disable FBP and refresh the facebook page and see if the issue is still there, if it is, its sac a dos roulette hello kitty not an FBP problem) If FBP has stopped working in Tampermonkey on Safari, you need.If you don't want to receive this information or don't like these built in FBP news notifications, you can turn them off by un-ticking the "Show FBP News Notifications" option on the FBP options screen.Is there a way to stop the "Up Next" videos playing automatically when watching a video on Facebook Yes.If it is not successful, you can manually change the setting on that page yourself.Yes, you can use the Custom Text Filter to achieve this.The way to open FBP's options is to click the FBP link in the blue bar (known as the top nav (navigation) bar at the top of any Facebook page.If you are using Chrome, check you are not browsing in Incognito mode, as by default the extension wont work in that mode, if you want it to, you need to enable it on the Extensions management page.Also, if you hover your mouse over the "FB Purity" link in the FB Purity bar near the top of your facebook homepage, the version number will be displayed.
Flip the switch at the top of the screen, then adjust the settings below.
If you used the "block app" button, it means the application has been placed on your blocked applications list, which you can view and edit by going to your privacy settings page here: https www.
Thats not a lot of time, but its enough to poke around the app and make sure it suits your needs.Why doesn't the FBP button in the Chrome Extensions toolbar do anything?Facebook, tips, the Complete Teenager's Guide To Online Privacy Weekly.You can suggest FB Purity to your all your Facebook friends by posting about this page to your stream via the Share button: Share on Facebook You can also let the world know about FB Purity, by posting to the following networks Share on Twitter.The same goes for hiding "comment" posts.Can I hide the colored boxes (that let you change a status' background colour) in the Status update box?Yes, just tick the Hide "Wrote on Timeline" (used to be called "Wrote on Wall option.I rounded up a few of them in an older post, but my favorite is MightyText.Check that you have the latest version of FBP installed, as Facebook often update the code for the ads section, which means FB Purity needs to be updated to hide the ads again, also check the FBP fan page for any news as the CSS/Code.Either reload the page to see the missing section or else turn off the "Expand news column" option.Purity to filter out all foreign language posts from my newsfeed?Does FB Purity's feed filtering functionality work on Groups pages?

What Web Browsers are compatible with FB Purity?
Yes there is an option on the FBP options screen titled "Deleted Friend Alerts un-ticking that option turns it off.
Some smileys/emoticons are now getting past the hide emoticons filter option, this is a known issue, and I am looking into.